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What Is Aloha? To the ancient Hawaiians, Aloha meant ‘God Within Us.” The authentic meaning of Aloha in Hawaii is one of compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, kindness, peace, and love: a guideline for life. Living a life of Aloha means a heart full of gratitude and love for life, overflowing with joy, sharing the “Aloha Spirit” with others.
‘Aloha' encompasses living in complete harmony with the Earth and those around you; it fosters a deep appreciation of relationships; it translates to the sending and receiving of positive energy; it is rooted in love, peace, and trust. To live with aloha is to live with a set of values that guide your behavior and decisions.
Become an ALOHA AMBASSADOR by taking the pledge below.
I will embrace with reverence opportunities to learn about the
Hawaiian culture and will respect its sacred traditions and values.
I will behave responsibly on the ‘aina (land), treading lightly and only in welcomed areas to ensure my own safety and the health of the island’s precious natural resources.
I will keep the tradition of special places private and never share publicly through geo tagging or directions to something shown to me or discovered.
I will leave nothing behind, keeping the ‘aina and kai natural clean, making an effort to leave it better than I found it for the enjoyment of others in the future
I will understand what it means to be pono and practice it in everything I do on the islands

I will read The Aloha Spirit below and receive it with gratitude and share it authentically and unconditionally with each person I encounter. Written by Hawai‘i’s treasured kupuna, Auntie Pilahi Paki and placed in Hawai‘i state law in perpetuit. (HRS §5-7.5*)

The “Aloha Spirit” is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. In the contemplation and presence of the life force, “Aloha,” the following unuhi laula loa (free translation) may be used;

Akahai - meaning kindness, (grace) to be expressed with tenderness.

Lokahi - meaning unity, (unbroken) to be expressed with harmony;

‘Olu‘olu - meaning agreeable, (gentle)to be expressed with pleasantness;

Ha‘aha‘a - meaning humility, (empathy)to be expressed with modesty;

Ahonui - meaning patience, (waiting for the moment)to be expressed with perseverance.

These are the traits that express the charm, warmth, and sincerity of Hawai‘i’s people. It was the working philosophy of Native Hawaiians and was presented as a gift to the people of Hawai‘i. Aloha is more than a word of greeting or farewell or a salutation.

Aloha means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth and caring with no obligation in return.

Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence.

Aloha means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable. *In exercising their power on behalf of the people and in fulfillment of their responsibilities, obligations and service to the people, the legislature, governor, lieutenant governor, executive officers of each department, the chief justice, associate justices, and judges of the appellate, circuit, and district courts may contemplate and reside with the life force and give consideration to the “Aloha Spirit”. [L 1986, c 202, § 1] Pono a commitment of integrity; righteous, honest, moral; an energy of necessity; a pervasive persuasion toward calm, peace, and serenity./

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