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Flight of Aloha Collaborates with Salt and Air, and NOAA Whale Researchers for Groundbreaking Underwater Flying Ride Film

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Maui, Honolulu Hawai - 2022 Flight of Aloha, a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, proudly announces an unprecedented collaboration with Salt and Air, a renowned underwater cinematography team, and researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This collaboration aims to create a visually stunning underwater Flying Ride film dedicated to showcasing the majestic world of whales. This exciting addition to their intellectual property promises to captivate audiences worldwide with a unique and awe-inspiring perspective on these incredible marine mammals.

The collaboration brings together the expertise of Flight of Aloha in cutting-edge immersive entertainment, Salt and Air's mastery in capturing the beauty of the underwater world, and the scientific insights of NOAA whale researchers. The result is a one-of-a-kind Flying Ride film that combines the thrill of flight with the breathtaking scenery of whales in their natural habitat.

"2022 Flight of Aloha is thrilled to join forces with Salt and Air and NOAA researchers to create an unforgettable experience for our audience," said Ola Shaw, CEO at 2022 Flight of Aloha. "This collaboration not only pushes the boundaries of immersive entertainment but also sheds light on the importance of marine conservation and the incredible lives of whales. We believe this Flying Ride film will inspire a deeper connection between people and the ocean."

The upcoming underwater Flying Ride film is set to be a highlight in 2022 Flight of Aloha's portfolio, adding a new dimension to their immersive entertainment experiences. The project is currently in development, with more details to be announced in the coming months.

For press inquiries and more information, please contact:

Ola Shaw


Flight Of Aloha

About 2022 Flight of Aloha:

2022 Flight of Aloha is a leading provider of cutting-edge immersive entertainment experiences. Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, the company creates unforgettable adventures that transport audiences to new and exciting worlds.

About Salt and Air:

Salt and Air is a renowned underwater cinematography team, specializing in capturing the beauty and wonder of the ocean's depths. With a passion for marine conservation, Salt and Air aims to inspire audiences through captivating visuals and storytelling.

About NOAA:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency dedicated to understanding and predicting changes in the Earth's environment, including the ocean and atmosphere. NOAA's researchers work to advance scientific knowledge and promote conservation efforts to protect marine life and ecosystems.

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